Aero Resources provides high quality contract scheduling/dispatch for your flight department. Cover your dispatchers vacations, medical leave, maternity leave …. or supplement your staff during high demand periods.

Very little startup time or training required. Aero is prepared to step in and take over at a moments notice.

Once handed over, Aero provides constant support for your flight department. All communications regarding flight scheduling can be handled by Aero. When contact is made, we will essentially be an employee of your company. Gathering all info regarding the trip, we will make all necessary reservations and contact aircraft crew and staff for a briefing. Aero will remain in constant contact with department staff regarding all aspects of the mission.

Discretion is of utmost importance. Aero Resources prides itself on respecting all clients privacy. We believe this is one of the most important aspects of providing on-demand dispatch service. All department information is safe with us.

Pricing is based on your needs as not all flight departments are alike. Contact us for a proposal to see how we can help!

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