Aero Resources offers all the benefits of a full time employee without the overhead costs.


Aero Resources provides our clients with an unrivaled 1st class concierge service. This premium service comes standard with every Aero Resources trip. Included are trip itineraries, custom catering, flight tracking, ground transportation, reservations, advanced crew and passenger lodging arrangements, and even back up charter aircraft. Aero Resources draws on years of experience to provide efficient and cost-effective support to your flight department. Available 24-7, your schedule is our schedule.


In today’s bustling aviation environment, crews are intently focused. Air traffic control is busier than ever, weather is always a challenge and aircraft continue to become more advanced and sophisticated. Tedious, yet necessary tasks are often left to the flight crew. Aero Resources’ service will reduce the pilot’s workload so they can concentrate on delivering you at your destination safely.


Aero Resources offers a variety of rates that can be custom tailored to suit your flight department’s needs. Some of the available options include per trip, monthly, bi-annual, and yearly rates for all fleet sizes. Existing corporate flight departments can utilize our outsourced services to cover vacations, time in between employees, or as a source of additional support when needed. Our services could save you tens of thousands of dollars in salaries and benefits every year.

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